The Limitless Initiative Welcomes An Astrophysicist To Our Team

The Limitless (STEM) Academy is excited to have, astrophysicist and Ted fellow, Hakeem Oluseyi as our newest team advisor.  You may not know his name but you probably use his inventions every day.  Hakeem is known as one of the top science communicators of his generation. Most surprisingly, Hakeem originates from a family where neither of his parents graduated high school. During his childhood, he never lived in the same state two years in a row and grew up in some of America’s toughest neighborhoods.  In his early adulthood, Hakeem carried a gun every day and was involved in criminal enterprises. He has emerged from all of this as a voice of optimism, hope, and the viability and effectiveness of work in the sciences for minorities.  Hakeem has spoken to business groups, advised science investment for philanthropic and government organizations, and worked tirelessly to improve science education and research globally.

We had the joy of having Hakeem share his backstory at the opening of the fall season.  We are excited to have such an impactful voice representing The Limitless Academy Initiative as we grow and expand.  The 2016 fall session is off to a great start.  Please continue to follow our growth and share your support on social media.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” – Leo Buscaglia


Third Week Spring Session

For our 2016 spring session, we have a select group of elite students who are training and preparing to compete in this year’s regional BotBall competition. 2015 was our first year of competition and we had an outstanding showing, however, this year our goal is to exceed last year’s success and actually place #1… Stay tuned!



Bixel Exchange Visits The Limitless Academy

Sergio Rosas and Dakota Ortiz of Bixel Exchange visit The Limitless Academy and offer some valuable insight to our students on careers in technology and how technology is shaping our world. ‪#‎LimitlessBixelAlliance‬


Silicon Beach @ USC Conference 2015

Our very own Chris Baccus was a featured panelist at the Silicon Beach @ USC 2015 Conference, to discuss our work at The Limitless STEM Academy and what goes in to developing the young innovators of the future.


Our Last Two Days At The 2015 GCER Competition

Friday July 10th

Friday we went out to celebrate our robot finally working. The students practiced in the hotel hallway with Chester for a few hours. The practice really made a difference in the robot and the students.

To celebrate we went to a Brazilian restaurant where they brought different meats to the table. They brought chicken hearts and Chester said let’s try them team. So minus Sydney and Tony we tried it, (No one liked it) but we tried it.

Saturday July 11th

The word of the day is teamwork. Our team was very nervous about working with another team especially one from China. How are we going to talk to each other?  So they were paired with Number 63 Middle School of LanZhou from China. There was a language barrier but two young ladies spoke enough English to communicate. Limitless rose to the occasion. They worked so hard to make sure the robot would be successful in each round.

The alliance matches were three rounds and the teams put their best robot on the mat and our best score out of the three rounds would be used. After the rounds the Chinese team gave each of the Team Limitless members a gift. Our students wished they knew about this tradition, they wanted to give the Chinese team a gift as well.

We attended the awards ceremonies and while we didn’t win anything, we are ready for Florida next year. We will come back stronger, ready and more prepared. Next year we are winning a trophy!

Thank you to all of our sponsors and donors who helped us get here. We learned a lot, had fun, bonded, and felt we had a great learning experience. A special thanks to Chris Baccus for getting us here and Chester Hawkins for being the world’s greatest coach! Thank you Team Limitless!


Day 1 Summer Session 2015

Day 1 of our Summer Session. Our instructor Val is getting started with our Limitless STEM introductory class.


Thoughts From Heather and Orion of The Limitless Team

Coming to you live from the GCER Competition 2015.


Day 2 at GCER 2015 in Albuquerque, NM


The students selected three words for today practice, preparation, and focus

Practice and preparation
Today we realized we needed much more practice and preparation for this event. We ran into a lot of obstacles. We had three rounds to score as many points as possible in round one we scored two points in round two we scored another two points and in the final round we scored 7 points. This result was so much lower than what we scored in our regionals we might’ve come in just a little bit overconfident.

Our team really didn’t understand the amount of focus we needed to be successful at this level. We have allowed other things to distract us like: food, the pool at the hotel, and trying to have fun but we needed to focus on the competition and doing our best. We also need to focus on when they call our team and what to do once we get to the table so that we’re ready for each challenge. Many teams are scoring in the hundreds on each round. We can do better and tomorrow will have another chance

So we end today in 58th place but ready for the challenges that tomorrow may bring. We are a young team compared to so many high school age teams. This is a great learning experience for students and mentors as well. The possibilities are LIMITLESS.

P.S.  Today we received a donation of $100 from Reggie from the Palm Springs area he was really impressed by the kids and our coach Chester.
He also invited us to their competition in the fall.